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The Birthplace of Effingham County

280th Anniversary Landings Day Celebration

280th Anniversary Landings Day Celebration

Come One – Come All and begin the celebration of the 280th anniversary of when our ancestors were exiled from their homes by attending Landing Day on March 15th at 2:00 pm in the Jerusalem Lutheran Church. This year marks the 280th anniversary of when our ancestors were not only being up rooted from their homes but it also was the beginning of their long exile march into “The Unknown.” One must keep in mind that more than likely this was probably for the most part the first time that some of our ancestors had ever left their home town and now they were not only being forced to leave their home town area, but they were also being forced to leave their country as well. Combine this with the assumption that some of them might not have ever heard of Georgia and to some it was in a place that was referred to as “Just Over There.” This was indeed a “Leap of Faith”
CGSander_picConsul General Christoph Sanders of Germany will be one of our guests and bring greetings. Our main speaker will be Dan Elliott. His topic will be “Ebenezer and the Lost Salzburgers, or whatever happend to Rev. Triebner after the War anyway.” Dan is an archaeologist and a friend of the GSS. He has given assistance in the past in many areas.
We will also elect new officers to the board along with a new president and vice president. Light refreshments will be provided after the meeting along with some good ole time visiting.
The 280th anniversary celebration will also continue with some very special guests from across the Atlantic.


Here are pictures from the event