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The Birthplace of Effingham County

Exile Song

Text: Joseph Schaitburger, 1731. translation: Gracia Grindal, 1989
Tune: Ich dank’ dir shon

Performed by The Atlanta Salzburger Singers with Jim Martin, Jr. and Pam Weinelt, guitarists

                1                               8                       
I  am a wretched exile here,            Your will be done, I give my all,
   And now must tell my story,              And will remain beside you.
For I was banished from my home,        I gladly offer up my heart
   To spread God's Word and glory.          And promise to stay by you.

        2                                       9
Lord Jesus, you were driven forth       Though I go forth to pain and woe,
    Out of your native city,                I will not curse my fortune.
Since I would follow in your steps      I hope in God to give me friends
    Look down on me with pity.              Whose love will be my potion.

        3                                       10
I am a pilgrim on the earth             Now I must leave in Jesus' name
    Who now must leave to wander           And can take nothing with me,
Bless me now, my Lord and god,          Still God has promised me a crown
    And let us not be sundered.            Which one day he will give me.  

        4                                       11
Remain beside me, mighty God,           So I go forth from heart to home
   My life is in your keeping.             And leave all kin behind me.
Do not forget me in my need,            I weep to think that I must go
When death o'er me is sweeping.            Where they can never find me.

        5                                       12
The faith which I do now confess         Oh, lead me, God, into a land
    Will never shame or hurt me,            Where your word can be spoken
If they should call me evil names        And I can hear it day and night
    And every friend desert me.             Restore what sin has broken.

        6                                       13
The chains and fetters I put on,          And should I dwell in this dark vale
Are like a badge of honor,                  Until till my life is ended,
For Jesus' sake I can endure,             My God will raise me up to live
Though I am forced to wander.               In heavenly courts so splendid.

        7                                       14
If Satan were to snatch away              Who wrote this song cannot be named,
    My life and my possessions               Nor praises in scared story.
I would be rich in Christ my Lord         He is despised by papist foes
    Whose truth is my confession.            For trusting in Christ's glory.



Research by: Rev. Raymond E. Davis, Ascension Lutheran Church, Savannah, GA.

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