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The Birthplace of Effingham County


Note from Debra Herrin- GSS Registrar: 

Your support of the Georgia Salzburger Society with yearly dues and donations is vital to the operation of the Society and the Museum.

If you have not paid your dues for 2022, please do so ASAP. If you have been paying yearly and would like to upgrade to a Life Membership you can do so by sending the $250.00 membership fee to:




 P.O.BOX 1629

RINCON, GA 31326

If you have any questions about dues or membership you can contact Debra Herrin at (912) 657-5675 (Email, [email protected]) or Jennifer Nash at the GSS Office (912)754-7001.                                      

Looking to become a member of the Georgia Salzburger Society?

You can download (GSS Membership Application) this fill-in-the-blank form and type in the information, THEN print it, and mail it to the address below with a check. That information is on the application form.

Fill in the Blank Membership Application:

GSS Membership Application, fill and save

Or print and handwrite information in Membership Application

GSS Membership Application 


The Georgia Salzburger Society Membership Committee

P.O. BOX 1629

 Rincon, Georgia 31326-1629


Supplemental Certificates

Many of you have expressed a desire for supplemental certificates as a way to honor additional immigrant ancestors. Now you have an opportunity to do just that.  For example, if you joined GSS as a descendant of Peter Gruber you may now purchase a certificate as a descendant of Ruprecht Kalcher.

 Certificates will only be issued with the names of the original German and Swiss immigrants.

We are offering the supplemental certificates to members in good standing for a onetime fee of $25.00 per certificate. Funds raised will go toward preservation projects.  At this time, repairs on the Salzburger house are a priority.

To qualify for supplemental certificates, you must be a life member or, as a regular member, your membership dues must be up to date.  Submit a completed application for each ancestor linking each generation and a check for $25.00 to

Georgia Salzburger Society

P.O. Box 1629

Rincon, GA  31326

  • Supplemental application needs to be printed and then hand typed or written.

GSS Supplemental Certificate Application


  • The fill in the blank Supplemental application can be filled in online and print it and send the application and check to the address above. 

GSS Supplemental Certificate Application Fill in the Blank