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IMMEDIATE NEED: Host Family For German Exchange Student

IMMEDIATE NEED: Host Family For German Exchange Student


Dear Society members,

The Teutonic Council of Savannah is asking the 3 German societies to provide assistance in the search for a host family for a 16-year-old female German exchange student from our sister city Halle.

The T.C. has been trying to establish teacher-student exchanges with Halle for a year or so with the plan to start off with an exchange of teachers this year.

The T.C. was recently informed by our partners in Halle that they have a student who would like to spend the coming school year in Savannah and that the student exchange was sponsored by a U.S. organization called ASSE, which would arrange the school placement in Savannah as soon as a host family is found.

For further information about the student, please refer to the attachments with photos of her and her family and her CV.

Any interested Savannah families should contact T.C. members Jim Anderson ([email protected]) and Claudia Christiansen ([email protected]) who have been preparing and establishing the teacher-student exchange program.


Letter from Leoni