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Salzburger’s Removed From Ga History?

Salzburger’s Removed From Ga History?

Please respond asap, the survey is open until March 14.  The Georgia Board of Education currently has a draft to remove the word Salzburger from the text required for Georgia Education.

Removing the words also removes any school trips to educate Georgia students and teachers.  The first link below is a survey in which people can go in and comment that the Salzburgers need to be reinstated as part of the standards.  The second is a link to a Crossswalk of the standards.

See figure below…. (The first column shows the standards that are being taught now.  The second column is the proposed standards.  If you look on page 65 you will see the now standard that includes the Salzburgers (SS8H2b) and that it is no longer included in the proposed standards.)

Example of Re-Write

Please read the changes and take the survey below.  You may also email your opinion to the Social Studies coordinator below, your representatives, etc.



The names below are the Social Studies Content Specialist at the GaDOE.

Shaun Owen                                                         Joy Hatcher

Program Coordinator                                           Program Specialist

Phone: 404-651-7271                                            Phone: 404-656-2093

Fax: 404-656-5744

Email: [email protected]​​​​​​                                              Email: [email protected]

Thanks for all your help!  Hopefully our voices will be heard and we can make a difference!