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The Birthplace of Effingham County

Winter Newsletter

Winter Newsletter

Click here to view or download a pdf of the Winter 2017 – January Newsletter

Greetings to all,

I hope this newsletter finds you in great health after the holidays (one small talent passed on by our ancestors is fantastic baking skills: pies, cakes/fruitcake, raisin breads, etc., plus sausage making but we seem to be missing a brewery). My thanks to all of you that supported the society by both gifts of resources, time and your talent this past year. The gifts to the main museum HVAC system and dehumidifier for the Loest Library are foundational and very much appreciated. Next up in priority are gifts for refurbishing the foundation to the Salzburger Haus. I also wish to mention we are a 501c3 organization and your gifts are tax deductible, plus you can leave an endowment gift at any time with the same tax benefits.

Looking back, we had a very busy year. To mention a few below:

  • First and foremost is our gratitude to everyone for assisting the successful reinstatement of Salzburger heritage in the Georgia Social Studies Core Curriculum. This endeavor took many months with much coordination plus the help of our members and representatives all over the state that stood up for keeping our importance to the Georgia Colony’s success taught to our children. We hope the educators of Georgia never fall into this horrible crevice again. You may ask “what benefit do I get as a member?” Just the basic reason that you exist today because your ancestors paid many dues causing Georgia to succeed, the Revolution to succeed and their Christian ethic for their families to succeed. This supports one of the founding pillars of our society’s establishment. “Remembering” means we must document and provide all this wonderful knowledge to future generations so it may provide and instill the will to pursue a free and godly life as our ancestors did. Leaving relatives, crossing mountains in a snowy winter, volunteering travel to a new world, beginning a new colony and making it succeed because they were Lutheran.
  • We installed a new HVAC system to provide the protective environment for the donated historical items.
  • Thankful for gifts provided to continue our society’s endeavors and many new members for our future success.
  • Supporting and participating the documentary film segment on the founding of Ebenezer and continuance of Jerusalem.
  • Great programs and healthy relationships with our Austrian/German brethren.
  • Participation in the success of the Teutonic Council (3 charter societies) with student and teacher exchanges supported by Effingham County School Superintendent/Board
  • Continued great relationship and support with Jerusalem and Ebenezer Retreat Center, the other legs of our triad of three entities inheriting from our ancestors.
  • Successful support of our members in transitioning to more web based and electronic communications to help conserve our finances.

On March 11 is a lunch of “good rice soup” (healthy cream of chicken and rice) as was served to our newly arrived ancestors on Landing Day by a Jewish family – (a true glimpse of diversity success). There may be other items served as we develop the menu for Landing Day Celebration. Please call Patsy Zeigler to assist with this. Plus, notify the office of your planned attendance to help predict the food quantities needed.

One other observation: Our society cannot flourish without your continued donation of time. We have many committees you can choose to offer your help. I would especially like to request more involvement from our younger members, not a draining large commitment, to help with items only you can choose. Please contact us.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you,

Gary Nizzi