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The Birthplace of Effingham County

Super Museum Sunday 2019

Super Museum Sunday 2019

The GSS Museum will participate once again in The Georgia History Festival’s Super Museum Sunday. Last year we saw an increase in attendance touring Ebenezer on a Super Museum Sunday because we featured heirloom and vintage quilts on display throughout the buildings including Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church, the old Salzburger House, and the Parsonage.
You have probably visited the GSS museum before, but on 2/10/19 we plan to feature another one-of-a- kind collection in buildings throughout the grounds.

Clothes on display

Discussions and plans are in process for an exhibition of clothing from the GSS collections. Right now there are lots of things that are usually not out where the fabulous, intricate details or wonderful simplicity of historical era clothing can be seen daily. So Super Museum Sunday will be the opportunity to really see and appreciate some things from the GSS collections that you have never seen displayed before.
More details will be announced at a later date prior to 2/10/19.

Please call the GSS office or museum curator, Patsy Zeigler, if you would like to volunteer to assist with getting the collection of clothing inventoried and freshened up for the exhibition, or if you would like to be here on 2/10/19 to help with showing folks around the various displays at Ebenezer.~ Claudia Christiansen

Fail/Salzburger House