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The Birthplace of Effingham County

Winter Newsletter 2018

Winter  Newsletter 2018

President’s Message:

Winter Newsletter 2019 publisher pdf


Landing Day on March 9, 2019 begins the celebration of the 285th Anniversary of the arrival of the first transport of Salzburgers to Georgia and there is much to celebrate. Looking back, 2018 was a very active year for the Georgia Salzburger Society. Beginning in February, GSS had the distinction of enjoying a presentation by Christine Koch, a prolific researcher of all things GA Salzburger. In February, she came to Ebenezer and shared information from her work in progress for her thesis project, “The GA Salzburgers after Ebenezer”.

On that same occasion, the descendants of the Third Salzburger Transport were recognized and presented with a small poster of the Transport list of names of families traveling together and arriving in GA on February 17, 1736. Attendance at this event also included the German Exchange Teachers visiting Effingham Co. Schools. They brought greetings from Halle.

In March, the Landing Day celebration was extended to include a tour of the old Salzburger cemetery at the first settlement. The grounds were cleaned, monuments refurbished, crosses, flags, and fresh flowers placed on each known grave site, and a short remembrance presentation made. This was a very meaningful event to all who participated, including Mr. Monk Jaudon who owned the property and dedicated his attention to the preservation of the historic landmark. Just a few days later he passed on leaving us to follow his example of respect and preservation of our first Salzburger home place.

During the next several months of 2018, many important accomplishments were led by GSS President Walter E. Scott, including but not limited to, updating the GSS mailing lists, refurbishing the quarterly newsletter, and encouraging members to be more vigilant about joining and paying yearly membership dues. Due to health concerns, GSS President Scott was advised to resign and focus on his recovery. As stated in the GSS Bylaws, the Vice President assumes the duties of President upon the resignation of the President.

Heritage Day, 2018 was a very eventful celebration! Highlights of the day included the first exhibit of bread baking in a traditional clay oven! Operated by Justin Cherry and family, the oven stayed full and fresh hot bread was served all day long! The family tents were very popular, displaying family photos, artifacts, and many stories of the families’ past. Also, the GSS Board unanimously voted and confirmed VP Claudia S. Christiansen as the current GSS President.

Throughout the remainder of 2018, GSS has welcomed many tourists, travelers from many places near and far, expanded the growth and use of the Loest Research Library, and participated in various events throughout the community.

Of note is the Salzburger Market booth displayed at the Teutonic Council sponsored German American Day celebration in October and also attending the German opera of Hansel and Gretel during the Savannah Voice Festival.

All these things are accomplished due to the small number of very dedicated Salzburger member volunteers, without whom, we cannot do any of this. Please take a minute to thank them and to reflect on what each of you can contribute during 2019….whether it be your donations of time, talent, volunteering, or giving to support a program you are interested in helping with. Your kind words of encouragement are always welcome as we strive to continue to perpetuate the memory and to foster the principles, virtues, and history of the Salzburgers and other German settlers who came to Georgia and chose a life of religious freedom at Ebenezer, their new homeland.

Winter Newsletter 2019 publisher pdf