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The Birthplace of Effingham County

Landing Day 2019

Landing Day 2019

The Landing Day celebration has been an annual event for many years. When the Salzburgers, protestant refugees, were exiled from “present day ‘Austria’ ”, they compared their expulsion with the Israelites’ exile from Egypt. King George II of England heard of their plight, and he and the English Trustees of the Georgia colony extended an invitation to come and settle in the new world. It was a heartfelt sacrifice leaving their loved ones and homes never to see them again. Believing that God would supply their needs, they boarded ships for the new country knowing they would be able to worship the God they loved. They did this unselfish act so we, their descendants, could live in a country where we have religious freedom. General James Oglethorpe oversaw these transports and guided them during their settlement at Ebenezer. The Salzburger refugees were welcomed by the Savannah colonists, including Ben Sheftall and his wife Perla, on March 12, 1734 with a meal of “good rice soup,” as recorded by Martin Boltzius in the Detail Reports. Boltzius’ description of the Salzburgers:

“…people who have already suffered for the sake of Christ who have their Christianity not only in their mouths, but also in their hearts, and show it in their deeds.”

This annual Landing Day Celebration is dedicated to the Salzburgers, led by the spirit of God to a new land where they worshiped in freedom the God they loved. We, their descendants and friends, along with the community, honor those Salzburgers and their heartfelt sacrifices.

~ Diane Holder
Touring of Old Ebenezer: Please be prepared to walk the undeveloped area by wearing walking shoes for safety.