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The Birthplace of Effingham County

Fall Newsletter 2020

Fall Newsletter 2020

President’s Message:

It is hard to believe that 2020 is ending soon and looking back over the year behind us GSS has much to be proud of. Even though our activity and organizing were modified by the pandemic protocol, committees functioned, proceeded and achieved some new and interesting additions to the GSS mission. Overall the time has been productive. I am not listing all the good things being done because you will read about them throughout this newsletter and updates will be periodically posted on the website and Facebook.

Let’s take time to be thankful for each volunteer who has so diligently and faithfully worked to make GSS visible and vital. There have been many compliments given for the way our museum committee has conducted scheduled tours, finding ways to remain open to visitors and maintain the safety of all. The names of volunteers will be seen throughout the articles in the GSS newsletters, so please take time to let them know we appreciate them. Sometimes we get busy and forget to realize how much it takes to keep Ebenezer safe and clean and maintained, but these volunteers are working together to see to it that not only the visible things like the grounds, but the Salzburger history is still being researched, documented and published.

Exciting news that we have been looking forward to is finally happening soon….even as this edition is being published! On November 23rd, work will begin on the Salzburger House Repairs project. This will be another milestone achievement that everyone can be proud of Thanks are also given to the many GSS members and friends who are making generous contributions toward the ongoing efforts of GSS. Some donations are being used to help with the expenses of the newsletter, grounds upkeep, ink and materials for publications, and various supplies needed in the office and     buildings. 

Thank you to all who have sent designated funds to be used in the Fail house repairs. The first thing being done will be under the house so it won’t look much different for a while, but the cost of raising up the house, replacing floor joists  and support beams and footings will be covered by the current donations. Updates will be posted as the next repair phases are evaluated and costs determined.

We are going to plan towards Landing Day with creativity and with the safety of guests in mind. It will be a different format than past Landing Day experiences you have attended, combining some of the festival activities and the thanksgiving celebration into one fun and informative weekend. We will be trying to make a schedule that out of town members and friends will find things to enjoy other than the one day event. Many have not been out and traveling since March 2020 so we want March 2021 to be safe travels, as well as safe accommodations and safe activities on the grounds of Ebenezer.

 The new Dan Wilson Memorial Pavilion will be complete by March and a huge asset to the more outdoor activities being expected for future programs. Please take time to thank the Wilson family for their memorial contribution toward building the structure. If anyone would like to contribute funding for adding the ceiling fans, electrical and water hook ups, or other accommodating additions, please  designate on your checks or donation envelopes.  ~ Claudia Christiansen