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The Birthplace of Effingham County

Summer Newsletter

Summer Newsletter

Summer Newsletter

President’s Message:

If our ancestors could see us now, would they be proud of us and what they see at Ebenezer?

   Summer has been filled with visitors, new research, buildings and grounds maintenance, generous donations, planning and contacting participants for Heritage Day. Details of these activities and more are included in this newsletter. Please observe the great variety of activities and notice the new and different opportunities to celebrate your heritage this year.

    Yes, we are going to celebrate at the Heritage Festival on Labor Day 2021. Last year the celebration was postponed to Landing Day. It was an honor to celebrate both the beginnings and the accomplishments of GA Salzburgers all together on one occasion…..and this year we will be back on Labor Day. We will keep in mind the necessary health and safety protocol needed for the safety of festival participants. Many activities will be set up outdoors and with space and distance for social gathering without crowding. Please note that the entire campus will be busy, so please don’t forget to see what is happening over “by the parsonage” and “behind the museum”, in the church and social hall. Please watch for details about the colonial era tour of Savannah and please RSVP for both the shrimp boil on Sunday evening and the trolley tour on Saturday morning.

    My message this time is about appreciation, gratitude, and hope. The Georgia Salzburger Society has a huge responsibility to continue the goals and preserve the artifacts representing our shared heritage. Ebenezer needs each of us to do whatever we can do to help. Using modern technology, that has become easier and many things are being accomplished. Those of us sharing the duties in various committees appreciate all the donations, words of encouragement, and the help of friends who recognize our nonprofit status. I would like to thank everybody who has volunteered to participate with planning, set up and clean up on Labor Day. As always, we do need more volunteers to fulfill the various duties that it takes to make the festival day fun for everyone. If you would like to help, please call the GSS office (912)754- 7001.  Leave your name and contact information, and tell us how you wish to help.